The safety of future generations is our priority
Control and inspections in production plants
  • Control of compliance with technological procedures
  • Inspection and creation of accompanying technical documentation
  • Control of material marking (material identification)
  • Quality control of additional materials, control of their storage and drying
  • Control of heat treatment records
  • Checking data on error corrections during production
  • Checking the results of tests and checks carried out during manufacture
  • Other activities according to the valid legislation
Storage and handling control
  • Control of correct handling
  • Control of compliance with storage conditions
  • Inspections and periodic inspections during storage
On-site inspection
  • Check the completeness of the delivery
  • Compliance with handling procedures during loading and unloading
  • Visual inspection of integrity, condition of delivery
  • Inspection of equipment and materials (transport and storage according to internal regulations and manufacturers' recommendations)
  • Identification and labeling of materials and products
Inspection during assembly
  • Quality control of materials
  • Control of qualifications and requirements for workers
  • Control of data on repairs of defects during production, including their execution, from the point of view of reduced service life and technical safety
  • Control of test, inspection and measurement protocols