The safety of future generations is our priority
Material diagnostics
  • Fault analysis - determination of causes
  • Determining the initial state of parts of the boiler pressure system
  • Assessment of the current technical condition of the boiler pressure system - monitoring of material changes during long-term operation of the equipment
  • Inspection of boiler drums and stable pressure vessels
  • Retraining of VTZ after the designed service life (boiler drums, stable pressure vessels)
  • Monitoring of exposed parts of steam turbines (VT-NT-ST cabinets, rotors, bearings)
  • Control of material degradation of boiler steam pipes
  • Flow measurement of steel steam pipes
  • Inspection of heat exchanger tubes (condensers, coolers, ...)
  • Inspection of steam reduction stations
  • Strength calculations, creep, residual life calculations
  • Determination of mechanical properties by penetration tests (small sample method)
  • Diagnostics of steel structures
  • Certification of fuel samplers
Diagnostics of electrical equipment (non-rotating machines)
  • Measurement of mechanical vibration
  • Measurement of frequency transfer characteristic
  • Measurement of leakage currents of lightning arresters
  • Measurement of acoustic emission of partial discharges
  • Corona state measurement
  • Complex analysis and chromatography of transformer oils